Ep 0013 – Beer and Family – Behind the scenes at Mother Earth Brew Co

Laurie, Mark, Julie and Jeff tasting brew at Mother Earth Brew Co.
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Adventure Challenge:  Try a new flavor. It can be beer, or something else. How did you like it? Please comment and tell us the tale!

Podcast Recap

The opener take 1,2,3! 00:21
Julie and Jeff, with help from Mark, do this week’s opener.

Hi Georgia! 02:24 
Mark has a personal hello for his aunt.

The microbrewery and retirement 02:40
Jeff and Dawn (Julie) talk about how they got into the beer business and why it’s good for Jeff’s retirement.

Jeff walks us through beer-making 06:38
Jeff takes us step by step through how the beer is made. Really cool stuff!

What do Mother Earth Brew Co. customers say? 09:55
Laurie gets the scoop direct from Mother Earth Brew Co.’s customers right in the bustling tasting room.

Julie’s first podcast 12:00
Julie uses http://Speakpipe.com/dailyadventuretales to make her first mini-podcast about family and business.WTG Julie!

Podcast stats 16:11
Laurie gives the latest update on countries and states that download Daily Adventure Tales.

Creative Commons Song of the Week 16:40
Ice Cream and a Beer by Food Will Win the War

Ice Cream and a Beer (Food Will Win the War) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

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Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Voice-over artists: 
Jeff Bonus
Dawn (Julie Bonus)
The Wonderful Mark Weaver
Guest: Jeff Bonus (Julie’s husband and co-owner of Mother Earth Brew Co.)
Guest: Julie Bonus (Mark’s cousin and co-owner of Mother Earth Brew Co.)
Guests: Scott and Alan (Customers of Mother Earth Brew Co.)
Episode number: 0013
Episode release date: Dec 12, 2013
Episode show notes: http://dailyadventuretales.com/beer/
Next episode: The wonderful Mark and I continue our adventures from Dana Point and trade Beer for Mai Tais.

Mother Earth Brew Co.
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Food Will Win the War
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What do you say?
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Ep 0013 – Beer and Family – Behind the scenes at Mother Earth Brew Co

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