Ep 0005 – Home – part 2 of 3 – Solace, Twitter and Bo Bice!

Bo Bice Tweets to Adventure Laurie
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Adventure Challenge: Say hi to someone new. You can try Twitter and say Hi to me @AdventureLaurie or Bo Bice @OfficialBoBice. Whomever you greet,
I really want to hear from you and find out about how it went. What’s your story?

Podcast Recap
Bo Bice
Laurie shares her personal ring tone music by Bo Bice and tells about her exciting Twitter experience.
Check out my favorite Bo TV performance ever! (Oh Bo, please come to California so I can see you live)
Bo Bice sings “In a Dream” acapella American Idol 4. Spectacular!

How to leave voicemail for Daily Adventure Tales
Laurie’s newest tech toy, SpeakPipe, is an easy way for podcast listeners and blog readers to tell stories, ask questions or just say “Hey”. It also works as a great way to record the opener for Daily Adventure Tales if you’d like to promote your blog, podcast, project, or would just like the adventure of trying something new.

Home Podcast on the dock part 2 – Finding Solace when sad memories strike 7:29
Laurie expands on last week’s animal story and tells how she finds solace when the sad parts about going home surface in her heart.

Free Music Archive:
Visit freemusicarchive.org., find a song you like and tweet the link @AdventureLaurie. She will feature your twitter handle and the song on an upcoming podcast.

Song of the Week from @FreeMusicArchiv RT of Mark Frauenfelder
@Frauenfelder “I’m grooving on Dot Wiggins Band Banana Boat”.

Banana Bike (by Dot Wiggin Band)

Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Voice-over artist: Eckhardt on Ruston Way met last podcast.
Episode number: 0005
Episode release date: Oct., 17, 2013
Episode show notes: http://dailyadventuretales.com/bo/
Next episode: Laurie goes home to Tacoma part 3 of 3. What do you do when you screw up? About moving on.

Bo Bice See the Light album on iTunes
See the Light – Bo Bice

See the Light title track on iTunes (Laurie’s ring tone)

See the Light – See the Light

Bo’s artist page iTunes

Bo Bice

Bo’s See the Light album on Amazon

Speakpipe on online service I use for audience and users to send voicemail without calling.

Make your voice be heard!
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What do you Say?
Who did you say hi to? How did this adventure go? Is it easy to say hi to new folks or difficult? Comment and tell your tale!
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Ep 0005 – Home – part 2 of 3 – Solace, Twitter and Bo Bice!

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