Ep 0021 – My epic tale of woe and redemption – interviewing Cliff Ravenscraft at NMX

Cliff Ravenscraft and Laurie Weaver at the New Media Expo
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I choke down the most humble lessons, in this, my epic tale of woe and ash rising as I pursue my passionate dream — interviewing the King of All Podcasters, Cliff Ravenscraft, at the New Media Expo. Like Dorothy, in her quest for the wizard, along the way I meet Sandra Payne, an empathetic video director who had her own year of adventure, Gina Carr and Terry Brock who stepped up with the knowledge of Klout and kindness, Mike Mataluni, a Kick Ass podcaster, who offered up courage and encouragement, and other kindred souls who lifted me up after the most major f-up a podcaster can face! My fake son, Steve, and the Wonderful Mark, both chime in as they finally hear the terrible tale of what went down and cheer about the final lessons taught by my relentless, clueless pursuit of a dream.

Adventure Question: Have you ever messed up so badly it haunted your days and dreams? What happened and what lessons came out if it?

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See the large photo of Cliff Ravenscraft and me at the New Media Exp http://facebook.com/dailyadventuretales

Weigh in on a new podcast nickname for The Wonderful Mark

YouTube Extra
Accidental 4 seconds of Cliff and Me until we figure out the iPhone is on video, not photo.

Podcast Recap

The Wonderful Mark 00:37
Does the opener and wonders, just what is this story that I’ve been building up courage to tell him for three, long, weeks?

So that’s what happened! 01:08 
The big story is revealed to our fake son, Steve, and the awestruck, Wonderful Mark.

Gina Carr and Terry Brock 07:17
I meet up with Gina again, get introduced to Terry and gain perspective and sympathy from the expert Klout couple.

Sandra Payne 07:75
The phoenix rises as adversity leads to my meeting Sandra Payne.

Interview with Sandra Payne 08:04
Sandra shares her year of adventure.

I meet a Kick Ass in the hallway 15:15
First time I remember meeting Mike Mataluni. Don’t miss his Kick Ass interview in next week’s final tale of our adventures at NMX.

Interview with Cliff Ravenscraft 15:40
A good story about the price of success and the value of authenticity.

Steve 31:19
Our fake son’s reaction to his fake mom’s tale.

Mark 33:30
The Wonderful Mark’s surprising take-away from the tale.

Song of the Week 35:15
Dream on Dreamer by Uncle Neptune

Dream on Dreamer (Uncle Neptune) / CC BY-NC 3.0
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Episode Credits

Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Voice-over artist: The Wonderful Mark. If you have thoughts for a new podcast nickname for him, comment here, or at http://facebook.com/dailyadventuretales.
Guest: Steve Bott, our fake son and good friend, we share beer and tales about the conference.
Guest: Sandra Payne of SP Write Productions, video director, fellow-adventurer and new friend.
Guest: Cliff Ravenscraft of Podcast Answer Man, famous podcaster, honorable guy, cool dude and great example.
Episode number: 0021
Episode release date: Feb. 6, 2014
Episode show notes: http://dailyadventuretales.com/cliff/

Extra music and sound used in this episode



Beer opens


Cliff’s story about how he got started in podcasting

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My recorder,
Roland R-05 Digital Audio Field Recorder Bundle with 8gb SD Card, Tripod, and additional audio cables

New Media Expo

Gina Carr, Social Media Expert and co-author of Klout Matters

Sandra Payne’s Pursedog TV

Mike Mataluni’s Kick Ass Dads (Kick ass interview coming to next week’s episode).

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Ep 0021 – My epic tale of woe and redemption – interviewing Cliff Ravenscraft at NMX