Ep 0009 – Concert Claustrophobia

Mark and Laurie are thrilled to be at the Sarah Brightman Concert
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Adventure Question: Have any fears stopped you from going places or doing new things? Have you been able to overcome them? Comment and tell the tale.

Podcast Recap
Alan from TownPlace Suites :07
Alan from TownPlace Suites in Anaheim , bravely does the opener and tells us about his upcoming big 6-O birthday.

What’s with Idaho? 1:10
Laurie gives an update about countries and states from where the podcast is downloaded.

TuneIn radio 2:35
Laurie thanks TuneIn radio for carrying Daily Adventure Tales.

About The Fallen Leaves 3:44
About the group behind this week’s featured Creative Commons song.

Concert Claustrophobia 5:01
Mark shares the impact of claustrophobia on his life and tells why it’s still worth it to attend this live concert.

After the Concert 11:12
Mark and Laurie discuss how they enjoyed the Sarah Brightman Dreamchaser concert.

What is Value Spending? 13:46
Laurie podcasts from the hotel pool about value spending and why Stacy and Clinton can save their $5,000.00 bucks.

Creative Commons Song of the Week 20:00
My Phantoms by The Fallen Leaves, picked by Laurie

How to pick the featured song
Find a song you like at freemusicarchive.org, then either tweet the link @AdventureLaurie or email Laurie @ DailyAdventureTales.com (removing the spaces). Include any info about you and why you chose this song, that you would like included in these show notes and in the podcast.

Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Voice-over artist: Alan from TownPlace Suites in Anaheim
Guest Mark Weaver
Episode number: 0009
Episode release date: Nov. 14, 2013
Episode show notes: http://dailyadventuretales.com/concert/
Next episode: Feeding Ostriches in Solvang


Sarah Brightman

Dreamchaser Amazon.com

TuneIn Radio
tunein logo Daily Adventure Tales is now on TuneIn Radio
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The Fallen Leaves
Hear more music and learn about this quirky U.K. based Punk Rock band for gentleman on facebook.

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What do you think?
Have any fears stopped you from going places or doing new things? Have you been able to overcome them? Please comment and tell us the tale!
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Ep 0009 – Concert Claustrophobia

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