Ep 0022 – Kick Ass Dads – Our final adventures at the New Media Expo

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Listen to the Kick Ass Dads – Interview Me!

I meet up with the incredible Kick Ass Dads from the Kick Ass Dad podcast on the last day of the New Media Expo. My fake son, Steve, and the Wonderful Mark put their two cents in as we wrap up the tales of our adventures at NMX. Steve ponders pursuing a personal passion and we wonder, Wll Wyoming ever listen?

Adventure Challenge: Listen to a Kick Ass Dad Podcast, then do something positive with a youngster in your life. Come back and tell us the tale!

Podcast Recap

The Kick Ass Dads open the show 00:36
The live, true recording session of Mike Mataluni and Dave Pagan doing this week’s opener when we are were all shot from a long, long, conference day at NMX. Great job guys!

Steve changes his world – maybe 01:34 
Our fake son, Steve, ponders pursuing a personal passion. Will this finally be enough to lure folks from Wyoming?

Kick Ass First Impressions 03:17
I give my impressions and reactions to the Kick Ass Dad podcast after listening to an episode.

Mike Mataluni and Dave Pagan 05:30
Our interview about parenting, teaching, and how to generally kick ass!

“Romantic” Last Night 16:47
The Wonderful Mark and I share a memorable last night in Vegas at the Rio.

That’s a wrap Steve! 17:46
Our fake son, Steve, spills what he thought of all of our conference tales.

About this week’s song 19:42
How a Happy Birthday can cost a bundle!

Song of the Week 20:40
Hey Daddy by Daiske

Hey Daddy (Daiske) / CC BY 3.0
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Episode Credits

Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Voice-over artist: Mike Mataluni and Dave Pagan from Kick Ass Dad.
Guest: Steve Bott, our fake son and good friend, we share beer and tales about the conference.
Guests: Mike Mataluni and Dave Pagan from Kick Ass Dad.
Episode number: 0022
Episode release date: Feb. 23, 2014
Episode show notes: http://dailyadventuretales.com/dads/


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Ep 0022 – Kick Ass Dads – Our final adventures at the New Media Expo

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