Ep 0001 – Intro to Daily Adventure Tales and the Couch Potato Challenge

Laurie gazes out at the sky while hiking in the mountains at dawn
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Adventure Challenge: Do you have a time of day when you are a couch flopper? Where nothing on Earth feels as grand as vegging and staring at the old-boob tube? Take one day, just one day at that time and do something different. Have a mini-adventure and come back to tell the tale.

Podcast Recap
Introduction to Daily Adventure TalesToday, after six months of learning and fooling around with technology, I launch the Daily Adventure Tales Podcast. It starts off with an introduction about how and why Daily Adventures came to be, and why I am qualified to write about adventure.

Couch Potato Challenge
I decide to challenge myself to go hiking at dawn “yikes” instead of sitting on the sofa and planning a TV day.

Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Voice-over artist: Mark Weaver
Guest: L.M. Quinn
Website: http://lmquinn.com/
Guest: Noreen De Angeles

Episode number: 0001
Episode release date: Sept., 19, 2013
Episode show notes: http://dailyadventuretales.com/episode1_couchpotatochallenge/
Next episode: Linda and Noreen become Voice-over artists for a day.

Mentioned: Vudu.com, a streaming HD movie and TV service

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Ep 0001 – Intro to Daily Adventure Tales and the Couch Potato Challenge

4 thoughts on “Ep 0001 – Intro to Daily Adventure Tales and the Couch Potato Challenge

  1. Cheryl

    Well done Laurie! I hope this takes off for you. It’s a wonderful format for encouraging people to get out of their comfort zone and experience life more fully. Have fun with it! Hugs, Cheryl

    1. Laurie@DailyAdventureTales Post author

      Thanks so much for stopping by Cheryl, I had fun today learning to finally use Skype to record my Mom doing the opener for next week’s podcast. It was a hoot! She wore a duck hat and told jokes. For sure it goes onto the blog.


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