Ep 0020 – What’s it like to be a film star? More stories from NMX

Laurie, Mark and Steve, their fake son.
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I share stories about interviewing podcasters and documentary filmmaker, Mark Ramsey, at the New Media Expo with my fake son, Steve, and The Wonderful Mark. Interview highlights are: documentaries, podcasting and motivating moms.

Adventure Question: Have you found your purpose and passion? Call 206-666-2035 and tell us how you found it or what you are doing to discover it.

Last Week’s episode had a technical glitch and wasn’t sent out to subscribers. Check it out at http://dailyadventuretales.com/new-friends.

Facebook Photo extras
See the photo of Rosemary Nickel and I at the New Media Exp http://facebook.com/dailyadventuretales

Weigh in on a new podcast nickname for The Wonderful Mark

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Visit documentary filmmaker, Mark Ramsey, on Google

Podcast Recap

The Wonderful Mark and Steve 00:23
My hubby, Mark, and our fake son, Steve, do the opening while drinking beer at our house as I reveal stories from NMX they haven’t heard before.

What else should we call The Wonderful Mark? 01:08 
Mark would like a new nickname.

About Rosemary Nickel 05:16

Interview with Rosemary Nickel 05:47
Moms, Motivation and a really great quote.

Reaction to the story about Rosemary Nickel 11:28
Mark and Steve give their two cents.

I’m a film star! 14:39
I tell Mark and Steve what it was like to be filmed for a documentary about podcasting.

Interview with Mark Ramsey, documentary filmmaker of the Uncasters 16:16

Reaction to the story about the documentary 25:23
Don’t miss The Wonderful Mark’s take on what makes a good podcast.

Sophie Tucker 28:40
About this week’s song choice.

Song of the Week 29:10
Red Hot Mama by Sophie Tucker

How YOU can pick the featured song
Find a song you like at freemusicarchive.org, then either tweet the link @AdventureLaurie or email Laurie@DailyAdventureTales.com. Include any info about you and why you chose this song, that you would like included in these show notes and in the podcast.

Episode Credits

Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Voice-over artist: Our Fake Son, Steve Bott
Guest Voice-over artist: The Wonderful Mark. If you have thoughts for a new podcast nickname for him, comment here, or at http://facebook.com/dailyadventuretales.
Guest: Rosemary Nickel of Motivating Other Moms, fellow podcaster and new friend.
Guest: Mark Ramsey of The Uncasters, documentary filmmaker, podcaster, cool dude and new friend.
Episode number: 0020
Episode release date: Jan 30, 2014
Episode show notes: http://dailyadventuretales.com/filmstar/


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Ep 0020 – What’s it like to be a film star? More stories from NMX

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