Hail No!

two old wooden chairs on a rustic deck
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Adventure Question: What kinds of things have given you comfort after a storm? Whatever your answer, have a mini-adventure to do or find some of those things and come back to tell the tale.

A few days ago my usual ramble through Descanso Gardens where I explore and find different writing nooks was spectacularly different. Check it out.

Wowser, that was a fun day. The next time I went exploring at Descanso a few days later, I noticed many of the Camilla blossoms had been beaten from the bushes. It was a bit sad to see the Camilla season shortened by the weather, but then in the woods I came upon this.

memorialsmall Someone had gathered up some fallen blossoms and made this cool Camilla memorial (at least that’s what I called it to myself). I took it as another sign reminding us to honor all seasons while we can, since we never know when all hail might break loose – and to remember the good things once the storm passes.

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How about you?
What signs have given comfort after a storm?

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Hail No!

2 thoughts on “Hail No!

  1. calensariel

    OMG! I SO sense the beginning of a BOOK here for you, Laure. Have you ever wanted to be an author? I think of “Eat, Pray, Love.” What would you call your book if, after a year of your journey when you hit your goal, you decide to put all your reflections together in a book? You know, there is just this amazing glow about you when you’re doing this. This IS your time! Hugs, C~


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