Happy Birthday new blog (and me)

Laurie by stack of prayer rocks she built on a fence while hiking
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Adventure Question: What types of things inspire you? Whatever your answer, try to have a mini-adventure to discover some of that and come back to tell the tale.

Feb 26, 2013, a week or so before my birthday, I went on a hike pondering, as usual, what might be a good direction for me  to take that would allow me to discover myself and to connect more with others? I found a group of prayer rocks that previous hikers had set on a small railing. I set mine among the others and set my prayer free.

Paying attention to all of the adventures, lessons and blessings each day brings was my answer.

Please join me as I jump into this new adventure of podcasting and blogging on the ever winding path of fitness, health and mindful happiness.

Note: Originally, my blog was called Daily Adventure Log and was a stand-alone experiment. But, log to me seemed more like a diary, and the most fun I have is interviewing other people about their adventures. So DailyAdventureLog is now DailyAdventureTales and its purpose, along with the podcasts are to share adventures together rather than just document mine.

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Let me know what you think and what adventures and thoughts you’ve had on your own life adventure! Wishing you all blessing and good cheer as we travel together.

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Happy Birthday new blog (and me)

7 thoughts on “Happy Birthday new blog (and me)

  1. calensariel

    I think the idea of prayer rocks is so inspirational. And I believe whole-heartedly that getting fit, taking our health back is a very spiritual thing. One of my favorite quotes is “We are not human beings on a spiritual journey. We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” (Pierre Teilhard De Chardin) You have sure found a wonderful way to connect to your own spirituality. Happy Birthday, young lady! Have fun on your adventure! Hugs, Calen~


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