How do I procrastinate? I’ll get back to you…

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Adventure Question: What do you do to motivate yourself when you just don’t feel like getting something done? Please tell the tale, because BOY could I use motivation today!

When I was working, I used a cleaning service. Now that I’m retired, I am the cleaning service and I’m definitely not Laurie Homemaker. The good news is that since we remodeled and redecorated our home last year, I usually can find the minimum energy to keep it clean and somewhat tidy. I actually enjoy how our house looks now and I especially enjoy how energized I feel living in it.

However, I find that working on my podcast, fooling with Twitter, trying to figure out how to get “likes” on FaceBook and obsessively checking iTunes to see if anyone is listening to my new baby is sucking my time and mind into a vortex of techo-procrastination the likes of which may doom my beautiful dining table to be covered in dust until my husband tends to it…in other words, forever.

I can feel my inner child stamping with two-year-old ferocity at the vision of having to get “grown-up” chores done. I don’t want to clean, and I’ve let too much dust and time pile up until my usual cleaning project is now a big deal.

I used to do this and blame it on work. I used to say I was too tired and I’d wait until the weekend. I used to say on the weekend that I needed to spend time with friends. Hence the cleaning service.


I guess I’d better stop writing this post and get to it. I will feel much better procrastinating in a clean house. And at least I can rock out to Pandora full blast and blame it on the vacuum.

How about you? Any good tricks or tips to pass on about overcoming procrastination?

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How do I procrastinate? I’ll get back to you…

2 thoughts on “How do I procrastinate? I’ll get back to you…

  1. Jane Neff Rollins

    Hi Laurie,

    How do I procrastinate, let me count the ways.
    I read my email.
    I research someone’s genealogy.
    I wander the house, trying not to notice how much neglected maintenance needs to be done.
    And, when I’m really desperate, I buy a new, very complex, jigsaw puzzle and concentrate on something visual instead of on the writing I’m supposed to be doing.


    1. Laurie@DailyAdventureTales Post author

      Hi Jane, I think you’ve been peeking at my list! Better keep those puzzles safe when I’m around, they sound sooo tempting. It was such a struggle yesterday to clean, but I finally did by slapping on a pedometer and telling myself I was doing a 5K.


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