I don’t need no stinkin’ chore list!

green rolling market bag filled with delicious groceries from Trader Joe's
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Adventure Challenge: What kinds of ways might you turn chores into opportunities for adventure? Whatever your answer, think about it, have a mini-adventure and come back to tell the tale.

I crashed my bike a few years ago and flew right out of my corporate career into early retirement. Dream come true in some ways and in others, an endless list of chores for me to do since my hubby is still working. Normally, I take it in stride, after all, I do have more time to keep our home running than he does. But the other day I woke up, thought about all I needed to do and said enough! Why must I check off a stinkin’ list of chores? Why not turn each chore into an opportunity for adventure? Why the hell not?

First stop Montrose California, a couple of blocks of charm and likely restaurants. A gal needs breakfast, right? But did I really have it in me to face the horror of dining on poached egg and toast solo? How do I turn that uncomfortable sensation into an adventure? Then it hit me. I’d always wanted to experience being a restaurant critic, so why not today? All that was lacking was a handy notebook and the will to do it.

Buying a journal at Critters in montrose

Critters – Toys, Cards, Stationary – buying a purse size journal.

After acquiring the said equipment I sought out my first review candidate. I stumbled upon the Star Cafe and had such a good time taking notes and writing up a review that I thought about creating a restaurant review blog.

Next chore – how can I combine exercise with shopping for dinner?

I parked at one end of Montrose and walked about a mile to the other end to go shop at Trader Joe’s.

Laurie shops for ingredients for a braised chicken recipe

Laurie shops at Trader Joe’s ]for ingredients for a braised chicken recipe from Cooking Light.

On the mile return to my car with my loaded roller shopping bag, I decided it would be fun to become a video producer and try out Vimeo’s new video enhancement service.



I had an absolute blast all day long and my dinner even got cooked.

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How about you? Please let me know of ways you’ve turned a chore into an opportunity for adventure – I can use all of the suggestions I can get.

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I don’t need no stinkin’ chore list!

One thought on “I don’t need no stinkin’ chore list!

  1. calensariel

    Wow! You are just up to all kinds of creative things. You are making me reevaluate my own grumpy attitude toward my daily life. I think the restaurant blog is a terrific idea. And I LOVED that you bought a purse-sized journal. I write in a lefty spiral notebook (bound at the top). It’s a weeeeee bit too big for my purse. But I’ve probably got 20 of them full.

    I am SO looking forward to what you’re going to do next. But, my gosh! I knew about the bike accident, but I didn’t know that you had to retire because of it. Please drop me a SM and tell me about it.

    You know, I’ve been praying for so long that God would fill my “creative well” up again (as Julia Cameron would say), and I think he just might be doing that with your blog!


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