Laurie’s Story of How Daily Adventure Tales Came to Be

Daily Adventure Tales is work in progress, just as I am a work in progress.

Laurie by stack of prayer rocks she built on a fence while hiking
The past:
Unexpectedly, I suffered long-term effects from a severe bike accident and chose to retire at fifty-two from a corporate job in technology. Despite it having been my decision, I hit the skids afterwards trying to figure out my new identity and place in life. Traditional “retirement” didn’t feel right, and physically and mentally, I wasn’t the same as I had been. So I started trying to do some small new thing every day to see what resonated with me. I called them my “small daily adventures”. Also, despite having loved public speaking and having had a history of designing and presenting seminars, I found myself being newly self-conscious because my mouth shape had changed from the accident. To practice speaking more clearly, I started making videos of myself talking while alone on hikes. I met others while hiking and interviewed them too. I realized that most people didn’t notice my speech problem and I loved going out to find other adventurers. That was the germ of the idea for my podcast, Daily Adventure Tales.

The present:
It helped me so much, I started Daily Adventure Tales as a blog and a podcast to see if others also resonated with the idea of daily adventuring. I hope to find and grow with other daily adventurers while I’m exploring my new role in my own life.

The future: Together we can have more fun and meaning in our lives
Connections are a vital part of this process, so please join in with your own adventures, thoughts and comments. I’m really looking for us to gain from the strength of a community as we share our thoughts and learn from each other in an ongoing adventure to discover what makes us feel alive and meaningful today. Let’s explore together.

Thank you:
I’m truly grateful that you’ve taken the time to come read. I hope we can get to know each other and ourselves though this journey.

I’d really like to know,
What’s your story?
Laurie Weaver

What's your story?

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