Ep 0017 – Farmers’ Market, What’s Tasty? and New Year’s according to Mark

Clifton selling cobbler at Montrose Farmers' Market
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I skip housework and head to the local Farmers’ Market in Montrose, CA. I find out about organic vegetables and meet a wonderful cobbler baker named Clifton. Mark and I try out new recipes. My friend, Linda, reports on ‘What’s Tasty’. Mark shares his unique view on New Year’s Resolutions, and we feature our first live music by The Untouchables Jazz Band

Adventure Challenge: Go to your local farmers’ market or store, find an organic fruit or vegetable you’ve not had before and give it a try. How did you like it? Did you find something Tasty? Call 206-666-2035 and tell us your new fruit and veggie tale.

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The Untouchables Jazz Band at Montrose Farmers’ Market

Podcast Recap

Cobbler Baker Clifton 00:20
Clifton does our opener from the Montrose Farmers’ Market.

Why? 01:10 
I reveal why our house won’t get cleaned today!

What in the world is Kai-lan? 01:39
Wade, an organic produce seller at Montrose Farmer’s Market, explains what it means to be an organic certified farm, what Kai-lan is and how his carrots came to be so many colors in one bunch.

Veggie Talk 03:30
Mark and I talk broccoli.

Clifton, the Cobbler Baker 4:52
Clifton tells about baking cobbler, gumbo, and growing up down South.

Time for dinner 8:43
Mark and I talk cobbler and What’s for dinner.

So, how did he like the Kai-lan? 10:00
Mark gives his Barb-B-Q secrets and shares how he felt about the new veggie dish.

So just how good is that cobbler, anyway? 12:12
Mark does a live cobbler taste test.

What’s Tasty? 13:50
We initiate a new food and recipe review feature. This week, Clifton’s peach cobbler is reviewed by Linda Quinn.
If you taste a great recipe or food, call 206-666-2035 and tell us “What’s Tasty?”

The Wonderful Mark’s promo 15:50
Mark writes and stars in his own promo about all of the cool things to be found on our show notes.

Auld Lang Syne 16:37
A New Year’s moment with the Weavers. Discover why we need a penguin crossing sign!

Resolutions according to Mark 18:15
Be inspired with Mark’s New Year’s philosophy. Call 206-666-2035 and tell us your inspiration.

Song of the Week 19:32
All of me, recorded for the podcast by Permission of The Untouchables Jazz Band, All Rights Reserved

Band and Crowd Interview 23:24
Get crowd reaction from the Butala family, whose little son, Alex was jiving to the sound and find out how long the band has been playing together.

The Untouchables Jazz Band at the Montrose Farmer's Market

  • Vocals: Nora
  • Sax: Matthew
  • Keyboard: Eric
  • Drums: Shan
  • Bass: Josh
How YOU can pick the featured song
Find a song you like at freemusicarchive.org, then either tweet the link @AdventureLaurie or email Laurie@DailyAdventureTales.com. Include any info about you and why you chose this song, that you would like included in these show notes and in the podcast.

Episode Credits

Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Voice-over artist: Clifton Powell of The Gourmet Cobbler Factory
Guest: Wade (The organic produce seller from Santa Rita Flower Farm)
Guest: Clifton Powell of The Gourmet Cobbler Factory (Cliff talks cobbler, gumbo, and growing up down South)
Guest: Linda Quinn of L.M. Quinn Writes (Linda reviews Clifton’s peach cobbler on “What’s Tasty”)
Guest: The Butala Family (Their son, Alex is dancing to the band)
Episode number: 0017
Episode release date: Jan 02, 2014
Episode show notes: http://dailyadventuretales.com/market/

Extra music and sound used in this episode


New Year’s Sound Bed:
Auld Lang Syne by Roger McGuinn, folk legend part of the Byrds (1964-1973)

Auld Lang Syne (Roger McGuinn) / CC BY-NC-ND 3.0


Linda’s ‘What’s Tasty’ Techno opener loop

Party Horn


The Untouchables Jazz Band

The Gourmet Cobbler Factory

Santa Rita Flower Farm

Chinese Broccoli recipe from Epicurious.com

Montrose, CA Farmers’ Market

What do you say? What did you think of this week’s podcast? Did you go to the market to try a new organic fruit or veggie? How was that? Please comment and tell us the tale!
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Ep 0017 – Farmers’ Market, What’s Tasty? and New Year’s according to Mark

4 thoughts on “Ep 0017 – Farmers’ Market, What’s Tasty? and New Year’s according to Mark

  1. Cheryl Carter

    Enjoyed the program today. Especially the music. “All of Me” was written in 1931 by Gerald Marks and Seymour Simons and has been sung by everyone from Belle Baker (who first recorded it) to Frank Sinatra, Willie Nelson, Michael Buble, and even a punk rock version by NFOX (whoever that is!). AND my all-time favorite singer, my dad! The Untouchables did a bang-up job of it on your podcast. Also laughed and laughed at Mark’s “blackberry drama.” For a minute I thought he was going to give us a SERIOUS gourmet review. He has such a knack for being a side-kick. Well, since I have a jar of Chinese five Spice in the cupboard I’ve never opened, guess I’ll have to get it out and try it now. Thanks for the inspiration! And keep up the good work!

    1. Laurie@DailyAdventureTales Post author

      Wow, thanks for all of the info about “All of Me”, that’s really cool to know. It’s also cool that your dad was a singer. I only sing to the cat (who allows it because saucers of milk are involved), and I think I get that from *my* dad. Your Mark mention made his day. He’s really starting to get into being my podcast helper and *I* think he steals the show, and his humor is really coming out. I also like Mark’s announcer voice. Thanks again for listening and for taking the time to comment. Maybe you and his Lordship would like to do a What’s Tasty segment? Can be healthy as TWM and I need to go strictly on the fitness wagon once home from Vegas. Wonder why this reply is so long? Once done must go clean house 🙂

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