Meeting up with the co-adventurers in our lives. Do you greet or pass by?

Stanna and Arianna hiking in the distance on a mountain path
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Adventure Question: Are you typically a greeter or a passer? What types of co-adventurers have you crossed paths with lately? Whatever your answer, have a mini-adventure and come back to tell the tale.

Stana and Adrianna are co-workers who get together to have adventures! Stana originally encouraged Adrianna to join her in hiking, and while the pair had made many hikes together, this was the first time Adrianna had been up to this hiking trail.

I ran into them, because I’d made a trek back up the mountain that day to see if my encouraging prayer rocks were still there.

Stack of stones Laurie made as a prayer

If you’re wondering more about my prayer rocks, take a moment to read how they inspired my blog.

Adrianna had great tales about recently going snowboarding for the first time. She didn’t let her age, her fear or anything else stop her and she’d had an absolute blast! We all agreed that our adventures add greatly to our lives and I left them pondering Adrianna’s bravery, Stana’s encouragement, and remembering another adventurer I’d met on this journey.

I’d first placed my encouraging prayer rocks in pursuit of getting out of my mire of self-pity. Thinking that I’d been too isolated and wanting to connect better with people, I promised myself I’d encourage every single person I met on the trail – even if it was just acknowledging them with a friendly smile. It was amazing! Every person, many who’d I’d seen before, but had never spoken to, stopped to say hello and share their experiences. Annie Laurie was the first.

Annie Laurie

Annie Laurie and Laurie

She lives in a small picturesque town nearby and her husband lives clear across the country! They maintain both houses and it works for them. She is truly a wonderful lady and we laughed about being “pole” sisters because we both use hiking poles.
Close up of trek hiking poles

Trek hiking poles

Since that day, I have made real efforts to smile, say hello, or otherwise connect with my fellow traveler. It isn’t always easy, since I often have the urge to keep my head down and my earbuds in.

I’m hoping to connect with you too, so please share anything that strikes you about today’s adventure, even if it’s just a “Hello”.

Question to ponder: Are you typically a greeter or a passer? What types of co-adventurers have you crossed paths with lately?

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4 thoughts on “Meeting up with the co-adventurers in our lives. Do you greet or pass by?

  1. writingsofamrs

    I love to greet people when I walk by. I like to see the delight or confusion in people’s eyes. It’s not as common now a days to meet people with a greet.

  2. calensariel

    I’m a greeter no matter when or where. I just keep thinking about the quote, “Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle,” (Plato, Philo, or Ian Maclaren, depending on where you look the quote up!) That quote is so true. Everyone we meet has at least one dark memory that breaks their heart and keeps them from living up to their potential. We can’t fix thinks, but we can give them a “drink of water” on the pilgrimage along the way by our kindness, our smile, our wave…

  3. Rola

    I always try to greet people when I pass by. I notice that I see a lot of kind faces when I’m happy with my life and a lot undesirable reactions when I’m unhappy. People’s faces act as mirrors to my own feelings (if that makes sense). Great blog, thanks.

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