Mom Love a Duck!

My mom wearing a duck hat over skype
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Adventure Question: When’s the last time you did something silly just for the fun of it? Whatever your answer, try to have a silly mini-adventure and come back to tell the tale.

Well today was a big day for Daily Adventure Tales. You can find and subscribe to the podcast in iTunes. (Try searching for Laurie Weaver). This happened a few days earlier than I thought it would, and it was truly exciting for me. I’ve been learning and wanting to podcast for a long, long time. Please go give a listen and subscribe if you like it.

Now back to our regularly scheduled blog post. Part of my goal for this site and for the podcast is to hear, record and share other people’s adventure stories. So for those of you not in Southern California, I figured I’d best learn how to Skype. I’m a true Skype newbie because even though I’ve been a web master, developer, and database nerd, I’ve never before felt the need to go all ‘Jetsons’ and let folk on the other end of the line see my unbrushed hair and cookie crumb self. Therefore, I needed a Skype teacher and an interview subject, er *victim*. Into the breech for both steps my wonderful mother, who is experienced at Skyping due to my niece working the last few years teaching English overseas.

I hope you enjoy the results of our experiment and come back next week to hear Mom do the guest voice-over opening for the podcast. That hat really made my day even more than iTunes!

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Mom Love a Duck!

4 thoughts on “Mom Love a Duck!

    1. Cheryl

      That was hilarious. Mom is quite a character. I can see where you get your sense of humor from. Thoroughly enjoyed that. Made me laugh.


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