Ep 0012 – Picnics, Stone Barn Vineyard Conservancy, and Many Ways to Say Hello

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Adventure Challenge: Find a new place and have a picnic. It can be inside or out. Solo or with friends. How did it feel to eat there vs. where you would normally eat? What are your picnic suggestions and stories? Please comment and tell us the tale!

Podcast Recap

The “Kids”, Debra, Rae, Andrew and Jeanette :08
from TownPlace Suites in Anaheim , change their minds and do the opener as a group and tell us what that was like.

Uncle Neptune 3:26
About the guy behind this week’s featured Creative Commons song.

Hi, Hello, Szia, Guten Tag, Bonjour, Aloha, Hola, Ni hao, Howdy! 4:28 
Laurie asks all of the listeners to stop by the “Hello” List at http://DailyAdventureTales.com/hi/ to leave a comment with his or her way of saying Hello, and his or her country and/or state. (Come on Grammar Girl, help me out, this sentence is tough!)

Picnic at Deukmejian Wilderness Park 6:42
Mom and I talk about picnics, mountains, her new apartment and answer the question, does it ever snow in California?

Jane talks Wine-Making and the Old Stone Barn 10:33
My friend Jane is a member of the Stone Barn Vineyard Conservancy and she tells us the history of the barn and vineyard, how they make the wine and the surprising way she got involved with this historical group. Really interesting! Thanks Jane.

Mark’s childhood view of the Old Stone Barn 15:48
Mark describes his wild and woolly experience of the Old Stone Barn and surrounding area when he was growing up in La Crescenta.

In the garden – last day of Thanksgiving 19:00
Mom and I discuss the fun adventures we had during her visit, what she might do for fun once she returns home to Washington and I promise to work on my grammar, so she won’t have to cringe when she listens to the podcast. Mark and Me, Mark and Me, Mark and Me…I tend to slip and say Mark and I in the objective case.

Creative Commons Song of the Week 23:22
Big Blue Day by Uncle Neptune, picked by Laurie

How YOU can pick the featured song
Find a song you like at freemusicarchive.org, then either tweet the link @AdventureLaurie or email Laurie @ DailyAdventureTales.com (removing the spaces). Include any info about you and why you chose this song, that you would like included in these show notes and in the podcast.

Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Voice-over artists: The Kids (Young adults) from Anaheim, Debra, Andrew, Rae and Jeanette. Thanks again, and drop me a line if I spelled your names wrong. I’m really trying to remember my notebook in future.
Guest: Margie Bunge (Mom)
Guest: Mark Weaver (Wonderful Mark)
Guest: Jane Neff Rollins (Friend and historian)
Episode number: 0012
Episode release date: Dec 5, 2013
Episode show notes: http://dailyadventuretales.com/picnic/
Next episode: The wonderful Mark and I travel to Dana Point to experience a local Micro-Brewery

Deukmejian Wilderness Park
Offical City of Glendale site

Stone Barn Vineyard Conservancy

Laurie’s California Hail Storm Video at Descanso Garden

The “Hi” List featuring the list of countries downloading Daily Adventure Tales
Stop by and comment to leave your “Hello” and country and/or state

Grammar Girl Podcast
Learn some more proper grammar painlessly here!

Montrose Bakery and Cafe

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What do you think?
Did you find a new picnic place to eat solo or with friends? How did it feel to eat there vs. where you would normally eat? What are your picnic suggestions and stories? Please comment and tell us the tale!