Ep 0006 – Home – part 3 of 3 – My fake son, New & Noteworthy, Thanks Renee, and How do you stop ruminating?

Laurie and Steve at Steve's birthday party
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Mental Adventure Challenge: Make an action plan to stop your negative mind the next time it harps at you. Maybe you will take 30 seconds and describe what’s in front of you right now, maybe you will breathe deeply and sing a song, maybe you’ll stop and take a photo of something you like in your environment, maybe you’ll go to http://speakpipe.com/dailyadventuretales and tell a story for this podcast! Whatever plan you make, Post or send audio and let me know how it worked out for you. Let’s stop that dreaded, adventure-energy wasting rumination!

Podcast Recap
Steve, my fake son :09
Steve does the show opener while Laurie, Steve and Mark celebrate. Laurie tells how Steve became her fake son.

Visit http://youtube.com/dailyadventuretales to see a video of Steve and Laurie talking guacamole at Steve’s birthday party.

New & Noteworthy in iTunes 1:40
Laurie shares her excitement that Daily Adventure Tales is featured as New & Noteworthy in iTunes.

Renee from White Bear Lake 2:08
Laurie thanks Renee for her kind 5-star review in iTunes for Daily Adventure Tales.

Stitcher Radio 3:10
Daily Adventure Tales is live on Stitcher Radio

How Mark made an audio report 4:25:
Laurie tells about how Mark produced his audio report and picked this week’s song from FreeMusicArchive.org

Tacoma part 3 – Stop Ruminating! 7:09:
Laurie podcasts from the dock and shares how she overcomes her negative mindset

Mark has fun playing radio announcer 17:30:
Mark tells about picking songs at FreeMusicArchive.org

Creative Commons Song of the Week 18:30 :Trouba by Steve Gunn, picked by Mark

Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Voice-over artist: Steve Bott
Episode number: 0006
Episode release date: Oct., 24, 2013
Episode show notes:http://dailyadventuretales.com/renee/
Next episode: Halloween fun

Silver Cloud Inn
The Silver Cloud Inn is Laurie and Mark’s favorite place to stay in Tacoma.

Daily Adventure Tales on Stitcher Radio

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What do you Say?
Did you make an action plan to stop your negative mind the next time it harps at you? What might you try, or what did you do? How did it go? Ideas? Comment and tell the tale.