Ep 0018 – On the road to Vegas – first adventures at NMX

Road showing through the windscreen of our red convertible
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We hit the road in our convertible, Red Baby, and head to the New Media Expo in Las Vegas. We share squabbles and happy memories as we travel Route 66, return to the site of the world’s former tallest thermometer in Baker, CA and have lunch with the Mad Greek. I make friends with filmmaker, Greg Hemmings and interview fellow conference attendee, Hope Schaefer about health care and new media.

Adventure Question: What memories do road trips stir up in you? Call 206-666-2035 and tell us your road trip tale.

Facebook Photo extra
See photos from our road trip to vegas and my first day at the conference. http://facebook.com/dailyadventuretales

YouTube Extra
Pat Flynn does a card trick at NMX

Podcast Recap

Filmmaker Greg Hemmings 00:14
Greg does our opener from outside Starbucks at the New Media Expo at the Rio in Las Vegas.

What? 01:04 
Mark explains what new media is.

Why? 01:30
I explain why new media interviews will be an ongoing feature for many episodes to come.

Getting our kicks 03:36
Mark and I cruise Route 66 in our convertible, Red Baby.

Getting in our kicks 04:37
Mark and I have violently different opinions about lunch time on the road.

Why? 07:04
The root cause of our road trip differences explained.

On the road again 08:19
We consider Baker CA, and its cuisine, past and present.

The Mad Greek 10:24
We review the Mad Greek Cafe in Baker, CA.

Sentimental Journey 12:32
We reminisce about our first trip to the Rio.

Bettye 19:10
I register for the conference and have fun with Bettye and the registration gals.

Hope 21:15
I meet fellow first-time attendee, Hope, and she gives me my first NMX interview. Topic: Healthcare and new media.

Song of the Week 25:45
Dusty Road by Colonel Trip and Captain Future

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Episode Credits

Host: Laurie Weaver
Co-host: Mark Weaver
Guest Voice-over artist: Greg Hemmings of Hemmings House
Guest: Hope Schaefer, fellow first time conference attendee and new friend.
Episode number: 0018
Episode release date: Jan 16, 2014
Episode show notes: http://dailyadventuretales.com/road-to-vegas/

Extra music and sound used in this episode


Road Trip Sound Bed:
Lonesome Road by Black Twig Pickers

Love Story background music
909 – Venetian Love Song by Victor Herbert Orchestra


Greek Music Loop


Hemmings House Productions

The Mad Greek Cafe

The Rio

New Media Expo

Pat Flynn

What do you say? What did you think of this week’s podcast? What memories do road trips stir up? Any plans for upcoming trips? Please comment and tell us the tale!
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Ep 0018 – On the road to Vegas – first adventures at NMX

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