Technology is wonderful…

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Adventure Challenge: What happens when you unplug from technology for an hour or two? Whatever your answer, try have a mini-adventure to find out and come back to tell the tale.

The other day I found a wonderful quiet writing spot awash with charm, the humming of bees, the trickling of brooks, the complete package, the works. “Fantastic,” I thought, “just what I need to practice my mindful gratitude out here in nature.” I set my writing pad down and admired the view.  Next thing I know, I’m fiddling with my iPhone, taking videos and trying to capture good photos of the bees overhead. There are bees in this photo if you look hard enough. There really are. In fact, there are bees in all ten or twenty of my overhead “bees in trees” photos. Also many, many good-to-middling  video shots of said brook for YouTube. Finally, after about thirty minutes of multimedia gluttony, I took a deep breath, turned off the phone, and wrote the following.


 It’s ironic that today I sit in a beautiful garden surrounded by the sounds of a stream trickling over stones, birds singing and chirping, bees humming overhead while I fight with my iPhone to upload this gentle meditation spot to YouTube. I struggle to remember why I came here. To practice mindfulness, right? But I’m destroyed by the lure of wondering if tweeps  may be tempted to click my new link on twitter, of finding the perfect photo for my blog, of fiddling with my YouTube channel – did I set my rights correctly or not?

I’m mindfully unmindful of the opportunities to really see and  hear the dance of bees as they frantically weave to and fro overhead in a cascade of pollenation fervor.  I’m passing by the glint of shadow patterns on fragrant grasses painted by the branches above. I’m letting go the moment to observe the grandmother and grandfather as they hold in tow scampering children to share with them the beauty of a gliding carp among the water lillies.

I breathe, put away my iphone and open my writing pad and write a page.


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Today’s question to ponder: How do you balance technology with living in the moment?

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Technology is wonderful…

One thought on “Technology is wonderful…

  1. calensariel

    What a gorgeous place to park it and reflect. The picture of the tree is beautiful. It’s SPRING there! Lucky you! I can feel that you are really on a roll in getting in touch with who you are. And I think your question for today is so pertinent to how we live our lives these days. (In fact, I’ve written both your questions in my own journal to reflect on. You are really feeding MY soul as you go along your journey, Laure.Thank you for letting me tag along. It’s so refreshing to talk with someone who is as open to soaking up new experiences, etc., as you are. Keep the momentum going.) big hugs, C~


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