Ep 0011 – Thanksgiving Hiking Tales, Turkey Tips and Mom’s Skype Poem

Donna and her dog Bailey
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Adventure Question: What’s your Thanksgiving tradition? Comment and tell the tale!

Podcast Recap
Donna Libra and her dog, Bailey :010
Donna does the opener and tells us why adventures are good things.

About Shake that Little Foot 1:46
About the group behind this week’s featured Creative Commons song.

Mystery Man 2:34
Laurie’s first hiking story goes awry – sorry guy, lost the first half of the interview with your name, and didn’t feel right to use recordings that you didn’t know were being recorded. This brief bit with the mystery man features how to send an audio story to the podcast. If you are reading this, Nice Mystery Man from Whiting Woods, please send in your story again, and I will use it!

Hiking and Thanksgiving Story number 1
Donna and Bailey 3:20
Donna tells Laurie about her Thanksgiving plans and how Bailey joined her family.

Mark’s Thanksgiving Turkey Tips and Traditions 5:15
Mark tells how he started becoming the family turkey cook, his turkey cooking method and about a past family tradition from his youth that lingers to this day.

Don’t be afraid of the word, no. 7:29
From her favorite Zen spot at the top of the hiking trail, Laurie muses about her fear of the word no, her failure and successes with podcasting and what she’s learned thus far. Also, learn the story about what happened to Mystery Man’s audio footage.

Hiking and Thanksgiving Story number 2
Carl Steiner 14:55
Carl shares his Thanksgiving plans and why he loves to hike.

Hiking and Thanksgiving Story number 3
Jorge, Maureen and Paddington, their English Foxhound 16:33
Laurie encounters this trio out for Maureen’s very first hike. Find out how Jorge encouraged Maureen, what she thinks about hiking and about the family’s Thanksgiving plans.

Mom’s Thanksgiving Poem 19:56
Mom delivers a wonderful rendition of The Night of Thanksgiving along with some useful grammar advice during a video chat over Skype.

Creative Commons Song of the Week 22:50
Turkey in the Straw by Shake That Little Foot, picked by Laurie

Turkey in the Straw (Shake That Little Foot) / CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

How to pick the featured song
Find a song you like at freemusicarchive.org, then either tweet the link @AdventureLaurie or email Laurie @ DailyAdventureTales.com (removing the spaces). Include any info about you and why you chose this song, that you would like included in these show notes and in the podcast.

Host: Laurie Weaver
Guest Voice-over artist: Donna Libra
Guest: Donna Libra and Bailey
Guest: Mark Weaver
Guest: Carl Steiner
Guests: Jorge, Maureen and Paddington
Episode number: 0011
Episode release date: Nov. 28, 2013
Episode show notes: http://dailyadventuretales.com/thanksgivinghike/
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Deukmejian Wilderness Park
Offical City of Glendale site

Reviews of Deukmejian from Yelp with photos

Trail maps and description from LAmountains.com

Whiting Woods
Info, topography and photos from everytrail.com

Shake that Little Foot
Hear more music and learn some really interesting facts about this group of friends from Liverpool who recorded some tunes, but didn’t pick their name until years later when they released their tunes online.
Shake that Little Foot on archive.org

Grammar Girl Podcast
Learn some more proper grammar painlessly here!

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What do you think?
What’s your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?
Please comment and tell us the tale!
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Ep 0011 – Thanksgiving Hiking Tales, Turkey Tips and Mom’s Skype Poem

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