Ep 0015 – Twas the Groove before Christmas – Bonus Clip

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This special holiday clip features me grooving with a poem I wrote as a kid in 1967 based on Clement C. Moore’s famous poem, Twas the Night before Christmas. Adventure Challenge:  Explore your creative holiday groove and send your holiday greetings or stories to Daily Adventure Tales by calling 1-206-666-3025 or go to http://speakpipe.com/dailyadventuretales

I wrote this hipster poem when I was 8 or 9 in the ’60s. Listen me rocking my  Christmas groove with the player above, or at AudioBoo.Image

SFX used in Twas the Groove before Christmas

  1. Jingle Bells
  2. Bongos
  3. That’s groovy
  4. Burp
  5. Christmas song loop

Happy Holidays

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What do you say?
What did you think of ‘Twas the Groove before Christmas? What fun holiday memories do you have from when you were a kid?
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Ep 0015 – Twas the Groove before Christmas – Bonus Clip

3 thoughts on “Ep 0015 – Twas the Groove before Christmas – Bonus Clip

  1. Cheryl Carter

    Wow! I’m impressed! That was really, really groovy! I mean good! You’re a heck of a writer there, girlfriend. Gonna have to get brave enough to read some of your other stuff on your podcast. Too cool!

  2. Laurie@DailyAdventureTales Post author

    Wow, outta sight! Thanks for that. Maybe I will dust off some of my journals for the podcast. Maybe other writers will read some of theirs as well! hint hint.

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