My iPhone is a tool of the blogger’s devil.

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Adventure Question:
Do you have a stumbling block that keeps you from trying new things? Tell us about the challenges you face or how you’ve overcome them. iPhone posting phobia is one of mine.

It’s easy to fall into a rut and even easier to stay down in it. The danger of this seemingly simple and comfy position is that once you’re down and flat on your back, up seems so very, very, far away. Even the thought of doing anything new can feel impossible. But I’m here to testify that exercising your choice and doing that small, impossible step will recharge your batteries like nothing else.

Case in point. Today I’m inspired by having coffee while gazing out at a beautiful harbor at Dana Point. I’ve not been to Dana Point before, but that’s not my new impossible thing. My new impossible adventure for today is to actually post with my iPhone.

Why is this on topic you ask? Because I have been feeling bad about not posting more small adventures to my blog and since I always have my phone with me, along with my trusty Roland 05 audio recorder in case I meet someone fun to interview for the podcast, it would seem I’m prepared for any posting whim. So why not use the iPhone for more than video and Selfie proof of adventure?

I’m blind as the Proverbial bat without my glasses and even with them, the dang iPhone self-corrects my fat fingered spelling in oh so many weird and embarrassing ways. I much prefer to obsessively edit on my home computer with its whoppin’ large monitor. But whoppin’ big monitor is not with me in this harbor viewing, coffee sipping, moment. iPhone is.

So my question to self: “What is really stopping you?” Answer: fear of looking foolishly inadequate. Truth. iPhone publishing makes me feel plain old ham handedly foolish.

Argh, but this exactly why I do Daily Adventure Tales, so folks will be inspired to try new things despite fears and inertia.
( btw iPhone just turned things to thongs … See what I mean?)

So my Adventure Question for you to ponder is: What’s holding you back from doing something new today?

Here goes, first iPhone publish..3…2..1

How did you like my new “thong”?

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What do you think?
Do you have a stumbling block that keeps you from trying new things? Tell us about the challenges you face or how you’ve overcome them. Has your iPhone ever made an embarrassing correction?
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